SSC Napoli SchoolPack Type 2 made by Seven. The kit includes:

- 1 big School Backpack with rigid base. The backpack features the SSC Napoli writing and a front pocket. Size: 28 x 41 x 13 cm

- 1 Pencil case with 3 zip openings containing: 1 erasable pen, 1 red ballpoint pen, 18 pastels Giotto Supermina, 18 marker pens Giotto Turbo Color, 1 lead pencil, 1 eraser, 1 pencil sharpener, 1 scissor with plastic grip.

- 1 plastic white and sky blue SSC Napoli football

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SSC Napoli blue Magic Print Logo swimming trunks for infants. The swimming trunks feature the technology with chromogenic materials capable to modify the colour through weather conditions. At first glance it looks like a traditional texture, but once wet the texture will modify to become a typical design dedicated to SSC Napoli made of the official logos