Terms and conditions of use

The offer and the sale of products on our website (www.sscnapoli.it) (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”) are subject to the standard terms and conditions set forth hereinbelow (hereinafter referred to as the “Standard Terms”).
Products purchased through the Site are sold directly by Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli S.p.A. (hereinafter referred to as “SSCN”).
SSCN, with offices in Naples, Via del Maio di Porto, 9, is identified by Fiscal Code, Vat Code and registration with Naples Register of Enterprises under No. 04855461218.
The customer care service made available by SSCN  (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer Care”) is at your disposal to provide any further information as may be useful and/or necessary in relation to the purchase of products through the Site, with specific reference, without limitation, to the making of orders, the return of the products purchased through the Site, as well as to the reimbursement of the relevant price.
Please note that SSCN may be contacted by e-mail at the following address: AssistenzaClientiStore@sscn.it.

1. SSCN Commercial Policy

1.1  SSCN carries out the sale of the products through the Site, and performs its e-commerce activity, exclusively in respect of its final customers which fall within the definition of Consumers.

   “Consumer” shall mean any individual who acts on the Site for purposes not being referable to his/her own commercial, entrepreneurial or professional activity, if any. Therefore, users not falling within the above mentioned definition of “Consumer”, are invited to refrain from entering into any commercial transaction through the Site. For the avoidance of doubt, it is understood that any activity concerning the access to, and the utilization of, the Site, including the visualization of the relevant web pages, any communication with SSCN, as well as the possibility to download information concerning the products and to proceed with the purchase thereof through the Site, may be carried out by users exclusively for personal use, being unconnected with any commercial, entrepreneurial and/or professional activity.

   In consideration of its own commercial policy, SSCN reserves the right not to execute orders made by subjects not falling within the definition of Consumer, or in any case orders not being compliant with its commercial policy.

   These Standard Terms exclusively apply to the conclusion of e-commerce transactions concerning products being available on the Site, between the users of the said Site and SSCN. Therefore, these Standard Terms do not apply to the rendering of services or to the sale of products by entities other than SSCN, which may be present on the Site by way of links, banners or other hypertext connections. In view of the foregoing, the users of the Site are invited, prior to submitting orders and/or purchasing products and services offered by subjects other than SSCN, to verify the relevant sale conditions, considering that, under no circumstance may SSCN be held liable in relation to the supply of products and/or services by subjects different than SSCN, or in relation to the conclusion of e-commerce transactions between the users of the Site and any third parties.

2. How to conclude transactions with SSCN

2.1   In order to accede to the services offered through the Site, the user shall be required to complete the registration procedure. The registration is completely free of charge; data provided by the user at the time of registration must be complete and accurate. Should the user enter data relating to a credit card to be used for the payment of the products which may be purchased through the Site, the user guarantees, under his/her exclusive responsibility, that he/she is legally entitled to avail himself/herself of the said card. The registration with the Site shall be permitted exclusively to those being of age. The account and the user ID obtained by the user upon completion of the registration procedure shall not be assigned or transferred to any third party, at any title whatsoever.

2.2   During the registration procedure, the user may express his/her acceptance of these Standard Terms. The acceptance of these Standard Terms is essential to accede to the services offered through the Site.

2.3   The services made available through the Site may not be used, not only by those being under age, but also by users who have been temporarily or definitively suspended by SSCN in accordance with article 18 below.

   In order to enter into the purchase agreement relating to one or more products available on the Site, it shall be necessary to fill in the relevant order form in electronic format (hereinafter referred to as the “Order Form”), and to submit it to SSCN, via computer, following the instructions contained in the said Order Form.

   The Order Form provides information concerning the essential characteristics of each ordered product, as well as the indication (i) of the relevant price (including any and all applicable taxes), (ii) of the payment methods to be used for the purchase of each product, (iii) of the modalities of delivery of the purchased products, (iv) of the shipping and delivery costs, (v) of the conditions for the exercise of the right of withdrawal, as well as (vi) of the modalities and deadlines for the return of the purchased products. The language available for the entering into of the agreement with SSCN is Italian.

   Prior to proceeding with the purchase of the products, by way of submission of the Order Form, the user shall be requested (i) to read carefully these Standard Terms, to print out a copy thereof using the print command and to store or reproduce a copy of said Standard Terms for the user’s personal utilization, as well as (ii) to identify and correct any errors made during the data entering procedure.

2.7   The transaction is completed upon receipt, by SSCN, via computer, of the Order Form duly filled in, subject to verification of the correctness of data relating to the order, as well as to the evaluation of the solvency guarantees provided by the user, without prejudice to the provisions set out in paragraph 2.8 below.

Upon submission of the Order Form, SSCN shall execute the purchase order, it being expressly understood that SSCN reserves the right not to give course to purchase orders in relation to which the user should not have provided sufficient solvency guarantees, or which should result to be incomplete or incorrect, or should the ordered products be unavailable. Upon occurrence of any such event, SSCN shall notify the user, by way of electronic mail, that the transaction is deemed not to have been completed, and that, therefore, SSCN has not performed the purchase order, indicating the relevant reason.

   In the event that the products displayed on the Site should not be available at the time of reception, by SSCN, of the Order Form, SSCN shall notify the user, without delay, and in any case no later than fifteen (15) days as from the day subsequent to the day of submission of the Order Form to SSCN, of the unavailability of the ordered products. In the event that the user should have already paid the product price, SSCN shall reimburse the amounts paid by the user no later than fifteen (15) days as from the submission of the Order Form relating to the order not performed due to the unavailability of the products.

   The Order Form shall be stored in SSCN data base for the time period being necessary for the performance of the orders, and in any case for the period provided for by the law. The user may accede at any time to his/her Order Form, entering the section “My orders”.

   The submission via computer of the Order Form presupposes that these Standard Terms, including any further information available on the Site, even recalled by way of a link, including, without limitation, the utilization conditions as well as the Privacy Policy, have been unconditionally accepted. In case of non acceptance of these Standard Terms, it shall not be possible to proceed with the submission of the Order Form for the purchase of the products available on the Site.

2.12   Upon conclusion of the transaction, SSCN shall transmit to the user, by way of electronic mail, a message containing an access code by way of which, acceding to the Site, in the section dedicated to the sale of the products made available by SSCN in accordance with these Standard Terms, the user may obtain updated information concerning the order made, including the status thereof. The products shall be delivered to the address of the user within thirty (30) days as from the submission of the Order Form, without prejudice to the hypothesis contemplated by paragraphs 2.8 and 2.9 above.

3. Guarantees and indication of the prices of the products

3.1   Exclusively first class quality products are offered on sale through the Site. Said products have been purchased directly by SSCN from fashion houses, producers and distributors accurately selected due to the rigorous quality controls carried out by them.

3.2   SSCN does not sell used, irregular products, nor products of a lower quality level in respect of the correspondent standards offered on the market.

   The essential characteristics of the products are displayed on the Site in the ambit of the file corresponding to each offered product. Images and colours of the products offered on sale through the Site may nonetheless be not correspondent to the real ones, due to the Internet browser and/or to the screen available to the user.

3.4   The prices of the products are clearly indicated in the relevant file and they apply to all the Countries served by the SSCN online store, it being understood that said prices may be subject to updates. Therefore, the users are invited to verify the final sale price prior to the submission of the Order Form to SSCN.

3.5   The requests for purchase originating from countries not included among those visualized in the splash page, may not be accepted by SSCN.

3.6   All products come with an identification card fixed using a disposable seal. The users are invited not to remove the card and the relevant seal from the purchased products, it being understood that, in case of exercise, by the user, of the right of withdrawal recognized to him/her, SSCN shall be entitled not to accept the return of products being delivered without the relevant card, or which should have been altered in their material or quality characteristics or which should have been otherwise damaged.

4. Payments

4.1   The price of the products as well as the relevant shipping costs may be paid exclusively by way of credit card through the PayPal service.

4.2   Any financial information to be mandatorily acquired for the purposes of payment (such as, without limitation, the number of the credit/debit card and the relevant expiration date), shall be transmitted, by way of an encrypted protocol, exclusively to the bank which shall provide the remote electronic payment services, so that no third parties may, in any manner whatsoever, accede to said data. Furthermore, the above mentioned information shall under no circumstance be used by SSCN for reasons other than the completion of the purchase procedures or of the relevant reimbursement procedure in case of return of products, if any, as a consequence of the exercise of the right of withdrawal, or the prevention or reporting to the competent police authorities of the commission of frauds through the Site.
It is expressly understood that SSCN may not be held liable in any manner whatsoever in the event that it should not be possible, whether temporarily or definitively, to effectuate payment by way of credit card, and the users hereby expressly and irrevocably acknowledges and accepts that the relevant service is subject to the conditions issued by the credit institute which provides the said payment service and that, therefore, there might be interruptions or suspensions thereof due to technical reasons, due to maintenance, or due to any other reason whatsoever, upon discretion of the credit institute being responsible of the management of the payment service through credit card.
It is also expressly understood that, should it not be feasible to pay by credit card, SSCN shall put at the users’ disposal alternative payment modalities in order to consent to the users the timely conclusions of the transactions activated by them.
The price for the purchase of the products and the relevant shipping costs, as referred to in the Order Form, shall be charged to the credit card of the user at the time of the submission of the order relating to the purchased products.
It is expressly agreed that, in relation to the Products to be delivered in Countries not belonging to the European Union, the custom duties, if any, being applicable to the relevant shipping, shall be fully borne by the users responsible of the relevant order. Upon occurrence of said circumstances, it is also agreed and understood that the users shall be responsible, on an exclusive basis, of the carrying out of all the transactions being necessary in order to proceed with the aforesaid customs clearance relating to the ordered items with the competent authorities of their respective country, with the exclusion of any liability on the part of SSCN. For the avoidance of doubts, it is understood that the delivery and shipping obligations to be complied with by SSCN shall be deemed fully performed with the delivery of the ordered products to the competent customs authorities, if and to the extent that this is contemplated by the applicable provisions of law.

5. Delivery and shipping of the products

In order to verify the specific modalities applicable to the delivery and shipping of the products, the user may accede to the Customer Care section. The users are invited to pay attention to the information contained in the above mentioned section, considering that said information constitute an integral and substantial part of these Standard Terms; therefore, the afore captioned information are deemed to have been integrally acknowledged and accepted by the user upon submission of the Order Form.

6. Customer Care

The users may at any time request any information to SSCN through the customer care services made available by it. For any clarification or any complaint, the users may also contact the Customer Care made available by SSCN Store, at the following email address: AssistenzaClientiStore@sscn.it

7. Right of withdrawal

7.1   Users, pursuant to articles. 52 et seq. Consumer Code (Legislative Decree 206/2005), have the right to withdraw from the contract concluded with SSCN without having to provide any reason and at no cost to them (except as specified below) within fourteen (14) working days of receipt of the products purchased on the Web Store.

The return referred to in this art. 7.1 cannot be exercised with regard to the purchase of personalized products (with proper names or not included in the list of players in the SSC Napoli squad). These products, therefore, cannot be returned.

Furthermore, art. 7 does not allow the user to replace the products purchased with other items for sale on the website.

7.2   To properly exercise a product return, it is necessary to complete the appropriate return form (hereinafter, the “Return Form”), which must be sent to the address assistenzaclientistore@sscn.it within the deadline set out in the art. 7.1.

7.3   Within 14 (fourteen) days of notification of the return, pursuant to the previous art. 7.2, the user must return the products to the SSCN by sending them to the address: SSC Napoli SpA c/o Logsud SRL, Interporto Campano, Lotto D1 308/309, 80035 Nola, Italy. The user returning the product will be responsible for all shipping costs of the return.

7.4   The return will be processed when, in addition to the terms set out in the previous paragraphs 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3, the following conditions are fully respected:
a.   as per art. 7.2, the Return Form must be correctly completed and sent to the SSCN, together with the products for return, to the address indicated in the previous art. 7.3;
b.   the products must not have been used, worn, washed or damaged;
c.   the product identification tag must still be attached to the products with the relevant disposable seal;
d.  the products must be returned, intact and unused, in their original packaging (in the case of books, design objects, designer toys, the packaging must be sealed as originally; in the case of a kit, it will be necessary to return all the items that compose it);
e.   the returned products must be returned to the SSCN in a single shipment; SSCN therefore reserves the right not to accept products from the same order that are returned and shipped at different times;

7.5   If all the requirements for the return are met, in accordance with the terms and conditions described in this article 7, the SSCN will reimburse the actual price paid by the user for the purchase of the returned products, including the amount paid to the SSCN for shipping costs. In case of partial return (i.e. relating to a return of only some of the total products purchased) the costs for shipping the products to the user will not be refunded. The refund amount owed to the users, pursuant to the previous art. 7.5, will be paid within the terms set out in the following art. 8.

7.6   If the terms and methods established for the exercise of the right of return in this article 7 have not been duly respected, the user will not be entitled to a refund of any sums already paid to the SSCN; however, users will be able, at their own expense, to re-acquire the products in the same condition which they were received by SSCN from the user. If the user does not collect their failed return, SSCN reserves the right to retain the returned products, together with any sums already collected for the relevant purchase.

7.7   The amounts owed to the users pursuant to paragraphs 7.5 and 7.6 above, shall be reimbursed to the users as soon as practicable, and in any case within thirty (30) days as from the date on which SSCN has become aware of the exercise of the right of withdrawal by the user, SSCN shall activate the reimbursement procedure, subject to verification of the correct compliance with the terms and conditions set forth by this article 7, as referred to by article 8 below.

7.8   In the event that the terms and conditions contemplated for the exercise of the right of withdrawal by this article 7 should not have been properly complied with, the user shall not be entitled to the reimbursement of the amounts already paid to SSCN, if any; nonetheless, the users may, at their own expenses, re-obtain the products in the same conditions in which they have been returned to SSCN. On the contrary, SSCN shall be entitled to keep the products, along with the amounts, if any, already paid for the purchase thereof.

8. Deadlines and modalities of reimbursement

8.1   Upon return of the products, SSCN shall proceed with the necessary verifications concerning the compliance thereof with the terms and conditions set out in article 7 above. Should the above mentioned verifications have a positive outcome, SSCN shall send to the users, by way of electronic mail, the relevant confirmation of the acceptance of the returned products.

   Irrespective pf the payment modality used by the users, reimbursement shall be activated by SSCN within thirty (30) days as from the date on which SSCN has become aware of the exercise of the right of withdrawal by the user, subject to verification of the correct exercise thereof and subject also to the acceptance of the returned products.

   In case of non coincidence between the addressee of the products as indicated in the Order Form and the person who has made the payment of the amounts owed for the purchase thereof, the reimbursement of the price, in case of exercise of the right of withdrawal, shall be made by SSCN, in any case, in favour of the person who has made payment.

8.4   The date of value on account of the new credit shall be the same as the debit; as a consequence thereof, the user shall not incur in any loss of banking interest. As far as purchases made through PayPal are concerned, the reimbursement shall be immediate on the user’s PayPal account as soon as SSCN accepts the return. The actual reimbursement on the credit card of the user’s PayPal account depends on the company managing the credit card, but it normally takes place within thirty (30) days.

9. Privacy

   The users may at any time obtain information concerning treatment of their own personal data by SSCN, acceding to the Privacy Policy section. It is understood that said Privacy Policy shall apply also in the event that the user should accede to the Site and avail himself/herself of the relevant services, without purchasing any product.

9.2   For any additional information concerning the Privacy Policy implemented by SSCN, the users may submit requests to the following email address: AssistenzaClientiStore@sscn.it,  or to the address of SSCN legal offices, in Naples (Italy), Via del Maio di Porto, 9, for the attention of Assistenza Clienti Store.

10. Governing law and jurisdiction

These Standard Terms shall be governed by Italian law, and, in particular, shall be subject to the provisions of Legislative Decree No. 206 dated as of 6th September, 2005, concerning distance agreements, as well as to the provisions of Legislative Decree No. 70 dated as of 9th April, 2003, concerning certain aspects of electronic commerce.

Any dispute relating to these Standard Terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Rome.

11. Modifica ed aggiornamento

11.1   These Standard Terms may be amended from time to time by SSCN, also in consideration of any modifications of law, publishing the new version thereof on the Site.

11.2   The new provisions of the Standard Terms shall be immediately effective as from the date of publication of the updated version thereof on the Site. If the user should not agree with the new provisions of the Standard Terms, he/she may withdraw therefrom at any time, contacting SSCN at the following email address: AssistenzaClientiStore@sscn.it, and activating the procedure concerning the cancellation of his/her own registration.

12. Liability of the user

The users shall be deemed exclusively liable for the use of the Site and of the relevant contents. SSCN shall under no circumstance be held liable for the utilization, by the users, of the Site and of the relevant contents, in a manner not being compliant with the provisions of law in force. The users, in particular, shall be solely liable for the submission of incorrect, false data and information, as well as of information relating to any third parties, without having obtained the consent of the interested parties, as well as in dependence of the non correct utilization thereof.

13. Intellectual Property Rights

13.1   The contents of the Site, such as, without limitation, works, images, photographs, dialogues, music, sound, videos, documents, designs, figure, logos and any other material, in any format whatsoever, published on the Site, including menus, web pages, graphics, colours, schemes, instruments, fonts and design of the Site, diagrams, layouts, methods, processes, functions and software which are part of the Site, are protected by copyright and by any other intellectual property right of SSCN and of any other right holder.

13.2   It is therefore prohibited to reproduce, in whole or in part, in any form whatsoever, the Site and the contents thereof, without the written consent of SSCN.

   SSCN shall be exclusively entitled to authorize or prohibit the reproduction, whether direct or indirect, either on a temporary or on a permanent basis, in any form or manner whatsoever, in whole or in part, of the Site and of the relevant content.

13.4   With reference to the utilization of the Site, the users are authorized solely to visualize the Site and the contents thereof. Furthermore, the users are authorized to carry out all such temporary reproduction actions, not having any autonomous economical value, which are regarded as temporary or ancillary, and representing an integral and essential part of the visualization of the Site and of the contents thereof, as well as any other transaction concerning the navigation on the Site, which may be carried out solely for the legitimate use of the said Site and of the relevant contents.

13.5   The users shall not be authorized to reproduce, on any support, in whole or in part, the Site and the content thereof. Any reproduction shall need to be authorized from time to time by SSCN, or, as the case may be, by the authors of the single works contained in the Site. Said authorized reproductions, if any, shall need to be carried out for legitimate purposes and in compliance with copyright law and with any other intellectual property rights pertaining to SSCN and to the authors of the single works contained in the Site.

13.6   The  authors of any single work published on the Site shall be entitled, at any time, to claim authorship of their own works and to oppose themselves to any deformation, mutilation or any modification of said works, including any damage thereto, being prejudicial to their honour or to their reputation.

   Therefore, the user undertakes to comply with the rights of copyright pertaining to the artists who have chosen to publish their works on the Site, or who should have co-operated at any title whatsoever with the Site for the creation of new expressive and artistic forms destined to be published, even on an non exclusive basis, on the said Site, or which constitute an integral part thereof.

   In addition to the foregoing, the user shall not, under any circumstance, be authorized to use, in any form and manner, the content of the Site and any single work under copyright as well as covered by any other intellectual property right. The user shall not be authorized, without limitation, to alter, or modify in any manner whatsoever, the protected contents and the works without the consent of SSCN, and, to the extent necessary, of the single authors of the works published on the Site.

13.9   The user also undertakes not to use software applications or any other automatic or manual device, in order to copy or to accede to our web pages or to the content thereof, without the prior consent of SSCN. The user undertakes not to use any device, software or procedure, which might interfere with the correct functioning of the Site, undertaking not to carry out any action which might cause an unreasonable overload of activities of the technological structures and of the system of SSCN.

14. Trademarks and domain names

14.1   SSCN is the sole and exclusive holder of the logos and registered trademarks "Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli”, including the domain names "www.sscnapoli.it; www.sscn.it; www.sscnapolispa.it, www.sscnapolicalcio.it e www.calcionapoli.it".

14.2   All other distinguishing marks which identify the products offered on sale through the Site and present thereon, are trademarks registered by the relevant holders, and may be used in the ambit of the Site, only in order to identify, describe and publicize the products offered on sale through the said Site.

   SSCN and all other holders of registered trademarks shall be entitled to use on an exclusive basis the trademarks respectively pertaining to them.

   In view of the foregoing, the users shall not be authorized, without the consent of SSCN and of any other holder of registered trademarks published on the Site, to use said trademarks, in order to identify products or services even not being referable to those offered through the Site or to any other trademark holder.

   The most part of trademarks displayed on the Site and referred to products offered on sale through the latter, are famous trademarks and known by the generality of the public, as well as to every user of the Site. Any use of said trademarks not being compliant with the law and not expressly authorized, is prohibited, and implies serious legal consequences. It is not possible to use said trademarks and any other distinguishing mark present on the Site, in any manner whatsoever, in order to unlawfully obtain an advantage from the distinctive character thereof, or from the fame of said trademarks, or in such a way as to cause prejudice to the same and to the relevant holders.

15. Links to other websites

15.1   The Site contains hypertext connection (the "links") to other websites which do not have any connection with the Site or with SSCN.

   SSCN does not control, nor carries it out any monitoring activity concerning said web sites and the contents thereof. Therefore, SSCN may not be held liable for the content of any such site or for the measures enacted by them also with reference to the protection of the privacy of the users and the treatment of the relevant personal data during navigation. SSCN does not assume any liability for the content, for the availability or the interruption of the service offered by said other sites. The user undertakes to use said other sites in compliance with the utilization conditions set forth by each of them, and shall be exclusively liable in relation to the activities carried out by him/her with reference to said sites, indemnifying and holding SSCN harmless from any third party claim in respect of the above: said indemnification shall also include any reasonable legal expenses which SSCN should bear in order to defend itself against any such third party claim.

   In view of the foregoing, the users are invited to pay attention when they activate a connection with any of the above mentioned web sites, by way of the links available on the Site, and to carefully read the relevant utilization conditions and privacy terms. Indeed, we hereby point out that these Standard Terms and the Privacy Policy of the Site do not apply to web sites managed by entities other than SSCN.

   The Sites provides links to other websites solely for the purposes of facilitating its own users in the research and navigation procedures, and in order to facilitate the hypertext connection on the Internet towards other web sites. The activation of said links does not imply any recommendation or indication, on the part of SSCN, concerning the access to, and the navigation in, said web sites, nor does it presuppose any guarantee concerning the content thereof, the services or products provided by them or sold to the Internet users.

16. Notice on the content of the Site

16.1   SSCN has done anything possible in order to avoid that contents describing or representing scenes or situations of physical or psychological violence, or which may be deemed prejudicial to civil uses, human rights and of personal dignity, in all its forms and expressions, are published on the Site.

16.2   Notwithstanding the foregoing, SSCN does not guarantee that the contents of the Site are deemed appropriate, or lawful in other Countries, out of Italy. Nonetheless, should said contents be deemed unlawful or illegal in any of said other Countries, the users are invited to avoid any access to the Site, and should they elect to accede thereto, they are hereby informed that the use that they shall decide to do of the services offered by the Site, shall be under his/her exclusive and personal liability.

16.3   Furthermore, SSCN has enacted any useful precaution in order to ensure to its users that the contents of the Site are accurate and do not contain any information not being correct or updated, in respect of the date of the publication thereof within the Site, and, to the extent possible, also thereafter. Notwithstanding the foregoing, SSCN does not assume any liability vis-à-vis the users in relation to the accuracy and completeness of the contents published by SSCN, in its own Site, without prejudice to the hypothesis of wilful misconduct or gross negligence, and without prejudice to anything to the contrary set forth by the law.

16.4   Moreover, SSCN, can not guarantee to its users that the Site shall operate on a continuous basis, without interruption, or suspensions, due to the need to update the Site, as well as in the absence of errors or malfunctioning due to the Internet connection. For any problem experienced in the use of the Site, please contact the webmaster at the following email address: AssistenzaTecnicaStore@sscn.it A responsible of SSCN shall be available to provide assistance and to help users to restore the functionality of the relevant access to the Site, to the extent possible. In the same way, the users are advised to contact their own provider of Internet services or to check that any device for the connection to the Internet and the access to the web contents, is correctly activated, including the Internet browser.

16.5   SSCN has enacted technical and organisational measures being adequate in order to safeguard the safety of the services offered through the Site, the integrity of data relating to the traffic and to electronic communications, against any form of unauthorized utilization or cognizance, as well as to avoid the risks of dispersion, destruction and loss of data and confidential and non confidential information, relating to its users, present on the Site, or of any unauthorized or unlawful access to said data and information.

17. Limitation of liability of SSCN

Within the limits provided for by the law and without prejudice to the rights of the consumers, SSCN shall under no circumstance be responsible of any economic loss, of any direct and indirect damage, including damages to the image, if any, suffered by the users, or by any third parties as a consequence of the utilization of the Site and/or of the relevant services.

Notwithstanding the circumstance that the highest care is used in the management of data inserted on the Site, SSCN may not be liable in relation to the orders or to the purchases made by the users through the Site or for the choices made by the said users.

18. Suspension and cancellation of the user

18.1   SSCN reserves the right to cancel from the Site, at any time and for any reason whatsoever, data pertaining to any user. In particular, and without limitation, said cancellation may take place in the event that the information and/or data provided by the user are not compliant with the standard of the Site, and/or reproduce false, unfaithful, fraudulent, offensive or pornographic data and/or information, as well as data and/or information which violate laws and/or rights of any third parties. Furthermore, SSCN reserves the right, at any time, to modify or eliminate, temporarily of permanently, in whole or in part, the content of the Site, without notice and without indemnity of any kind whatsoever.

18.2   In particular, without prejudice to the ordinary remedies made available by the law in the  event of breach of the obligations arising out hereunder, SSCN reserves the right to inform the user of the suspension thereof on a temporary or permanent basis, interrupting the supply of its own services, in any of the following cases:

  1. Breach of this agreement;
  2. Impossibility, on the part of SSCN, to verify the correctness of the information provided by the user on the occasion of the registration or during the use of the service;
  3. Carrying out of actions which might determine economical prejudices or any liability of the SSCN or of other users.

18.3   In case of temporary or permanent suspension, the user shall be not be allowed to register himself/herself using personal information associated with the suspended account.